Reformulation of Certain Liquid Formulation to Reduce VOC Emissions from Agricultural and Commercial Structural-Use Pesticide Products Proposed for Cancellation

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In August 2006, the Department of Pesticide Regulation proposed cancellation of 15 pesticide products because registrants failed to provide necessary information requested in a May 2005 reevaluation notice, PDF (46 kb). The notice required registrants to comply with one of the following three options by August 31, 2005:

(1) Submit a written commitment to reformulate the pesticide product to a VOC emission level of 20 percent or less;

(2) Submit a request for an exemption, based on specified criteria listed in the reevaluation notice; or

(3) Submit a detailed explanation as to why the pesticide product cannot be reformulated.

DPR extended the deadline for complying with the requirements of the reevaluation until March 2006.

Cancellation hearings were scheduled for late September 2006. Before they could be held, the eight registrants of the affected products complied with the reevaluation notice. Therefore, their products are no longer subject to cancellation. The list below notes why each proposed action was withdrawn (request for exemption or product withdrawn from the California market).