Funded Pest Management Research Grants (2013 - present)

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Project Summary Organization/Project Lead Award Year Project Type Award Amount Final Report
Optimizing Solarization-Based Technologies as Sustainable Alternatives to Soil Fumigation UC Regents ANR

James Stapleton
2014-2015 Ag $299,992 Pending
Development of a Mobile Steam Applicator to Replace Fumigants for Strawberry UC Davis

Steven Fennimore
2014-2015 Ag $294,612 Pending
Improving Efficacy of Biologically Mediated Soilborne Disease Management in Strawberry by the Use of Reduced Rate Fumigations The California Strawberry Commission

Dan Legard
2014-2015 Ag $298,472 Pending
Determining the Impacts of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes and Soil Fumigation on Pistachio Growth UC Cooperative Extension, Merced

David Doll
2014-2015 Ag $74,384 Pending
Managing Nematode Parasitism and Prunus Replant Disease with Spot Fumigation and Rootstocks UC Cooperative Extension, Merced

David Doll
2014-2015 Ag $108,433 Pending
Integrated pesticide reduction strategies for insect and disease management in cole crops UC Santa Cruz

Carol Shennan
2013-2014 Ag $399,304 Pending
Methyl bromide alternatives for strawberry nurseries UC Davis

Lynn Epstein
2013-2014 Ag $153,289 Pending
Reduced risk approaches to manage maggot pests in cole crops in the central coast UC Regents ANR

Shimat Villanassery Joseph
2013-2014 Ag $302,542 Pending
Reducing dependence pre-plant soil fumigation in almond and stone fruit orchards USDA-ARS

Greg Browne
2013-2014 Ag $130,578 Pending

For further information regarding the Pest Management Research Grant Program contact Doug Downie at or (916) 445-0430, or Mark Robertson at or (916) 324-2451.