Funded Pest Management Research Grants (2013 - present)

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Project Summary Organization/Project Lead Award Year Project Type Award Amount Final Report
Integrating Plant Horticulture and Soilborne Disease Control by Methyl Bromide Alternatives for Strawberries UC Cooperative Extension, Santa Cruz

Mark Bolda
2015-2016 Ag $167,621 Pending
Integrated Approaches to Replace Methyl Bromide in Strawberry Production: Strategies for Soilborne Disease Management UC Davis

Krishna Subbarao
2015-2016 Ag $400,000 Pending
Evaluation of Alternatives to Soil Fumigants and Diallyl Disulfide for the Management of White Rot in Allium Crops UC Davis

Rob Wilson
2015-2016 Ag $107,577 Pending
Enhancing Biological Control of Citrus Pests with Improved Ant Control Technologies UC Riverside

Dong Hwan Choe
2015-2016 Ag $424,802 Pending
Optimizing Solarization-Based Technologies as Sustainable Alternatives to Soil Fumigation UC Regents ANR

James Stapleton
2014-2015 Ag $299,992 Pending
Development of a Mobile Steam Applicator to Replace Fumigants for Strawberry UC Davis

Steven Fennimore
2014-2015 Ag $294,612 Pending
Improving Efficacy of Biologically Mediated Soilborne Disease Management in Strawberry by the Use of Reduced Rate Fumigations The California Strawberry Commission

Dan Legard
2014-2015 Ag $298,472 Pending
Determining the Impacts of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes and Soil Fumigation on Pistachio Growth UC Cooperative Extension, Merced

David Doll
2014-2015 Ag $74,384 Pending
Managing Nematode Parasitism and Prunus Replant Disease with Spot Fumigation and Rootstocks UC Cooperative Extension, Merced

David Doll
2014-2015 Ag $108,433 Pending
Integrated pesticide reduction strategies for insect and disease management in cole crops UC Santa Cruz

Carol Shennan
2013-2014 Ag $399,304 12-PML - R004, PDF (3.7 mb)
Methyl bromide alternatives for strawberry nurseries UC Davis

Lynn Epstein
2013-2014 Ag $153,289 12-PML - R001, PDF (1.2 mb)
Reduced risk approaches to manage maggot pests in cole crops in the central coast UC Regents ANR

Shimat Villanassery Joseph
2013-2014 Ag $302,542 12-PML - R002, PDF (2 mb)
Reducing dependence pre-plant soil fumigation in almond and stone fruit orchards USDA-ARS

Greg Browne
2013-2014 Ag $130,578 12-PML - R003, PDF (254 kb)

For further information regarding the Pest Management Research Grant Program contact Doug Downie at or (916) 445-0430, or Mark Robertson at or (916) 324-2451.