Progress Report 2000

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This DPR Progress Report summarizes our major accomplishments during 2000 and highlights the most important initiatives planned in 2001. For your convenience, it may be read or downloaded as a single PDF file or by individual sections (described below).

Progress Report, PDF (550 kb) (entire report)

Cover, Director's message, and Introduction, PDF (69 kb)

Protecting People and the Environment, PDF (114 kb)

Reducing the impact of fumigants
Methyl bromide regulations tightened
New guidelines for other fumigants
Protecting surface water
Surface water study expanded
Monitoring for TMDLs
More actions on surface water
Preventing ground water contamination
A new, preventive strategy
Monitoring special situations
Protecting tribal resources
Investigating Lompoc air
Monitoring sharpshooter campaign
Fighting the red imported fire ant
Safeguarding workers
Improving farm worker safety
Speaking workers' language
Measuring spray equipment risks
Field residues analyzed
Reducing pesticide illnesses

Evaluating Pesticides, Assessing Risks, PDF (31 kb)

Achieving data collection goals
Risk assessments completed
Protecting air quality
Setting limits on pesticide residues
Registration backlog reduced
Responding to pest emergencies

Working With Nature to Reduce Risks, PDF (48 kb)

Protecting kids at school
IPM Innovators honored
Grants support safer pest management

Delivering Services, Information Online, PDF (36 kb)

Licensing goes electronic
Streamlining operator registrations
Enhancing licensing, certification
Download surface water data now
Making pesticide data available to the public
Improving data, providing analyses

Enforcing Pesticide Laws, PDF (51 kb)

Enhanced enforcement power
Tracking local actions
Targeting pesticide drift
Policy strengthened
$150,000 penalty for incident
Sulfur guidelines issued
Assessing legal compliance
Linking priorities and work plans
Audits generate more revenue
Partnership with Mexico

Balance Sheet, PDF (16 kb)

Pesticide regulatory program funding
DPR organization and functions

Back Cover, PDF (215 kb)

Department addresses, phone numbers