Progress Report 2004/05
Environmental Justice

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This DPR Progress Report summarizes our major accomplishments during 2004, and highlights the most important initiatives for the future. For your convenience, it may be read or downloaded as a single PDF file or by individual sections (described below).

2004/05 Progress Report, PDF (2.5 mb) (entire report)

Cover, Director's message, PDF (155 kb)

About pesticides, about DPR, PDF (120 kb)

Protecting People, PDF (918 kb)
Emphasizing enforcement
Restricting fumigants
Senate Bill 391
Completing risk assessments
Evaluating toxic air contaminants
Reducing air pollution

Justice for all, PDF (812 kb)
Achieving environmental justice
Worker right-to-know
Improving physician reporting
California-Mexico Border Program
Reaching out in other languages

Less reliance on pesticides, PDF (640 kb)
Celebrating 11 years of IPM Innovators
Building on Alliances and Grants
Encouraging school IPM

Protecting our environment, PDF (603 kb)
New prescription for endangered species
Protecting surface water
Protecting ground water

Taking care of business, PDF (591 kb)
Doing our business better
Fee restructuring and fiscal accountability

Best science guides us, PDF (549 kb)
Pioneering field studies

DPR 2004-05 Balance Sheet, PDF (80 kb)

Credits, Back Cover, PDF (169 kb)