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  • EH 95-01 Rodriguez, B. 1995. Monitoring Diazinon Ground Application Under Controlled Conditions in Sacramento, California, 1993.
  • EH 93-03, PDF (6.7 mb) Executive Summary, Neal, R.H., P.M. McCool, and T. Younglove. 1993. Assessment of malathion and malaoxon concentration and persistence in water, sand, soil, and plant matrices under controlled exposure conditions.
  • EH 82-04, PDF (1.8 mb) Segawa, R.T., L.A. Neher, T.M. Mischke, D.J. Weaver, and O.S. Liefson. 1982. Helicopter spray trial with sevin XLR (carbaryl), Tulare County - 1982.
  • EH 82-03, PDF (1 mb) Weaver, D.J., W.C. Johnson, and R.J. Oshima. 1982. Helicopter spray trials with carbaryl (XLR).