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This table contains records for each well in the WIDB providing summary counts and totals for the well.

Data Field Definition
RandLAT,RandLONG Assigned latitude/longitude based on the CMTRS. Not the actual well location.
CMTRS County-Township-Range-Section where the well is located. This system is based on the Public Lands Survey System.
COUNTY_NAME Name of the California county where the well is located.
WELL_KEY Unique identifying number assigned by DPR to each well.
DEPTH Reported well depth. Not reported for most wells.
WELLTYPE Description of well type.
# SAMPLES Number of records reported for the well. Each analysis is a new record.
# POS SAMP Number of records reporting a pesticide detection.
# CHEMS Number of unique pesticides analyzed in the well.
# POS CHEMS Number of unique pesticides reported detected, even if the reports were errors.
MIN(SDATE) Earliest sample date in the WIDB for the well.
MAX(SDATE) Last sample date in the WIDB for the well.
# Agencies_Reporting Number of unique agencies that have reported sampling the well.
REGION The Pesticide-Summary-Table Region where the well data by pesticide can be found.
Has Censored Reports This well has erroneous detections that have been excluded from display.
# Censored The number of censored detections. This number can be added to the "# Pos Samp" to determine the number of total detection reports.
All CHEMS Detected in this WELL List of pesticides reported in the well.

The section boundaries are based on the Public Lands Survey System. The following links provide a map of the statewide Public Lands Survey System used by DPR and downloadable GIS shapefiles of the townships and sections.

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