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Methyl Bromide Risk Assessment

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Methyl Bromide Risk Characterization Document for Inhalation Exposure-Final, PDF (683 kb)

Attachment A, PDF (552 kb) Preliminary risk assessment for methyl bromide
Attachment B, PDF (167 kb) Document for the Proposition 65 Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee
Attachment C, PDF (25 Kb) Methyl bromide residues in fumigated commodities
Attachment D, PDF (188 kb) Toxicology summary for methyl bromide
Attachment E, PDF (18 kb) Chloropicrin use and toxicology
Attachment F, PDF (427 kb) Estimation of exposure of persons to methyl bromide during and/or after agricultural and non-agricultural uses
Attachment G, PDF (10 kb) Calculations
Attachment H Methyl bromide air monitoring studies and buffer zones
  Field and commodity fumigation, PDF (27 kb)
Summary, PDF (1.2 mb)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Methyl Bromide Soil Buffer Zones in Maintaining Acute Exposures Below a Reference Air Concentration Report, PDF(420 kb)
Attachment I (466 kb) Comments on the Department of Pesticide Regulation's Draft Risk Characterization Document for Inhalation Exposure to the Active Ingredient Methyl Bromide