Pesticide Use Reporting of Field Fumigant Applications

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DPR uses pesticide use reports on field fumigant applications to track emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in five “nonattainment areas” (NAAs, map ) that do not meet air quality standards for pesticide VOCs: San Joaquin Valley NAA, Sacramento Metro NAA, South Coast NAA, Southeast Desert NAA, and Ventura NAA.

As part of their routine pesticide use reporting, applicators must include a four-digit code corresponding to the specific method used in each field fumigation. This reporting requirement is in effect year-round. It is mandatory in all five NAAs, and voluntary in other parts of the state.

Fact sheet, PDF (172 kb) - How to file pesticide use reports for field fumigant applications

Field fumigation method codes, PDF (63 kb) – These are the codes that must be included on your use reports when you apply fumigants

Forms for pesticide use reporting

Maps and lists of township/range/sections of nonattainment areas where the new use reporting requirements apply

Regulatory guidance for county agricultural commissioners

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