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In late 2004, DPR rolled out a new online tool that gives pesticide users and County Agricultural Commissioners customized information they need to protect California’s endangered and threatened species. The online system is dubbed “ PRESCRIBE,” for Pesticide Regulation Endangered Species Custom Real-time Internet Bulletin Engine.

Until PRESCRIBE went online, Agricultural Commissioners and pesticide users had to work with DPR’s Interim Measures County Bulletins. Published in 1999-2000 the printed bulletins had an average of 44 pages each; they were a good reference manual but cumbersome to use and very difficult to update.

PRESCRIBE is an easy-to-use replacement for more than 2,500 pages of printed bulletins for all of California’s 58 counties.

PRESCRIBE can locate more than 1,000 endangered, threatened and other special status species within almost 80,000 one-square-mile land sections in the state. PRESCRIBE generates a one- or two-page report that is customized to the needs of each pesticide user. That is, it covers only the locations and pesticides that are relevant to a particular user. And users don’t need to know the name of the active ingredient in the product they are using– they can look up it up by any of 30,000 trade names.

PRESCRIBE’s use limitations are the same as those that appeared in the paper bulletins but are delivered in a highly distilled form, providing the user with only the instructions that are relevant to the locations where the pesticide will be used– and only for the pesticide that will actually be used. These custom instructions are brief enough to be attached to restricted material permits, written recommendations, sales receipts, and work orders. The ease of use and reliability of these custom reports will greatly simplify and thereby enhance regulatory compliance while saving time and distribution costs.


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