Parlier Local Advisory Group Meetings

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Agendas, minutes, and other meeting-related documents

With monitoring concluded and scientific analysis underway, LAG members, in consultation with DPR staff, have decided that no further meetings are needed.

November 8, 2007

March 8, 2007

  • Revised agenda, PDF, (42 kb), (En Español, PDF, 44 kb)
  • DPR monitoring data, PDF (187 kb) January - December 2006 - This March 2007 report contains a brief overview, summary charts, and the results of each sample taken throughout the year.
  • Español, PDF (28 kb) (summary, resumen)
  • Interim report (released in December 2006) contains background information on the project and evaluation of data collected through August 2006
  • Minutes, PDF, (52 kb), (En Español, PDF, 58 kb)
  • At the March 8, 2007, meeting, a coalition of community groups presented a letter to DPR requesting additional ground water monitoring. The letter, and DPR’s response, is posted below:

Archives of earlier meetings