2015 Workshops for Agricultural Pesticide Use Near Schools and Child Care Facilities

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In California, the regulation of pesticides to protect human health and the environment is the joint responsibility of the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and the state’s county agricultural commissioners. Concerns have been expressed about the agricultural use of pesticides near schools and DPR intends to discuss these concerns at several workshops throughout the state. DPR’s goal for the workshops is to gather input from stakeholders as it determines what measures are appropriate to enhance protection of California’s schoolchildren.

  • This is an update about DPR's upcoming proposed regulation about pesticide use around schools.

    As you know, many schools have been built on prime agricultural land next to farm operations and increasingly, teachers, parents and the general public want to know what chemicals are being applied around them. DPR is preparing a regulation that will take effect when agricultural pesticides are applied close to schools. The regulation is intended to give an additional level of protection to children in schools from potential exposure to pesticides used in surrounding agricultural fields.

    As you may be aware, DPR held a series of statewide public workshops on this issue. DPR received more than 2,000 comments that staff are analyzing and addressing. A summary of these comments are located on this page.

    In addition, DPR must also follow normal state rules in the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), PDF (283 kb) and prepare a number of mandatory elements (initial statement of reasons, economic analysis, proposed regulation text, etc.). Due to the volume of comments and general workload with this issue, DPR believes it will be able to issue a proposed regulation in Summer 2016, not December 2015 as anticipated.

    Once the regulation is issued, there will be an opportunity for the public to weigh in on this important issue. This includes a 45-day public comment period where people can submit comments in writing by mail, e-mail, or fax, on all or any part of the proposed regulations.

    In addition DPR is planning to hold at least one public hearing on the issue. At the hearing, anyone who is interested in speaking may testify, and may also present written comments. The 2016 date and location of the hearing(s) has not yet been determined, but will be provided in the future.

    As you are aware, this is a complex but important regulation and so administrative delays are not unexpected. Despite this, DPR’s overall goal of making this regulation effective in 2017 remains unchanged.

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