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  • Funding California’s Pesticide Regulatory Program, PDF (2.8 mb) (AB 780, Chapter 523, Statutes of 2001)
    The mill assessment, a fee levied on wholesale sales of pesticides, helps support the pesticide regulatory program. Assembly Bill 780, PDF (22 kb) (Thomson, Chapter 523, Statutes of 2001) set the assessment rate at 17.5 mills (1.75 cents on every dollar of sales) until June 30, 2004, and required the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to analyze its funding, with assistance from a stakeholder advisory committee.
  • Review of Restrictions on the Use of Methyl Bromide, PDF (625 kb) (SB 1, Chapter 1, Statutes of 1995, Third Extraordinary Session)
    The review of current practices in the use of methyl bromide and the consideration of amending of permit conditions or the promulgation of regulations to prevent any unreasonable risk of harm to employees and the public while accomplishing the objectives of soil, commodity, and structural fumigation.
  • Summary of Assembly Bill 1807/3219, PDF (5.7 mb) Pesticide Air Monitoring Results Conducted by the California Air Resources Board 1986 to 1995 (AB 1807, Chapter 1047, Statutes of 1983)
    Summary of all the pesticide air monitoring data that have been collected and published in reports by the California Air Resources Board from 1986 to 1995.