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DPR 11-002 Methyl Iodide: Designating as Restricted Material, Listing as Toxic Air Contaminant, and Use Restrictions as a Volatile Organic Compound (Notice 2/11/11; Comment period closes 3/28/11)

DPR proposes to amend sections 6400, 6452.4, 6624, and 6860; and adopt sections 6446 and 6446.1. The proposed action would designate methyl iodide as a state-restricted material; incorporate it into DPR’s volatile organic compound regulatory program; and list methyl iodide as a toxic air contaminant on the basis of its listing as a federal hazardous air pollutant pursuant to Food and Agricultural Code section 14021. The proposed action would, in part, make permanent the emergency regulations that are currently in effect.

DPR will accept comments on these amendments that may become part of the ozone state implementation plan (SIP). The federal Clean Air Act requires each state to submit a SIP for achieving and maintaining federal ambient air quality standards for ozone. California’s SIP contains an element to reduce pesticidal sources of VOCs. These proposed regulations amend and add to regulations that were previously submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support a pending SIP amendment. Opportunity to comment on the proposed regulations as part of the SIP amendment is being provided in conjunction with this rulemaking.