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DPR 14-003 Personal Protective Equipment (Notice 11/21/14; Comment period closes 1/5/15)

DPR proposes to amend sections 6000, 6702, 6720, 6724, 6738, 6739, 6764, 6771, 6793, and 6795; adopt sections 6738.1, 6738.2, 6738.3, and 6738.4; and repeal sections 6486.7 and 6736 of Title 3 California Code of Regulations. The proposed action will clarify the personal protective equipment requirements, reducing ambiguity, and reorganize the regulatory requirements in a more logical, cohesive format. Requirements for protective eyewear will be consistent with a nationally recognized consensus standard, and the hand protection requirements will be in alignment with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.