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The summaries provide specific information about the projects and a perspective on the types of projects funded. Final reports provide information about project objectives, accomplishments, and the results of the project work. The reports are not edited by DPR. Statements and conclusions are those of the project principal investigator and not necessarily those of DPR.

Project Title Organization Project Summary Award Amount Final Report
Celery Reducing Insecticide Use on Celery through Low Input Pest Management Strategies UC Riverside
John Trumble
97-0228, PDF (43 kb)
96-0262, PDF (508 kb)
Lettuce Integrated Weed Management for Lettuce: Optimized Weed Management Inputs Made According to Seasonal Fluctuations in Weed Seed Germination US Ag. Experiment Station/UC Cooperative Extension, Monterey County
Steve Fennimore &
Richard Smith (1999)
99-0219, PDF (107 mb)
98-0271, PDF (1.4 mb)
97-0233, PDF (981 kb)
Lettuce, Head & Leaf Developing an IPM Strategy for the New Aphid Pest, Nasonovia ribisnigri, in Head and Leaf Lettuce UC Davis
Bill Chaney
1999 $19,500 98-0257, PDF (1.7 mb)
Lettuce, Leaf Evaluation of Efficacy of Green Lacewings, Chrysoperla rufilabris, Delivered Using a Liquid–release Technique for Management of the Lettuce Aphid in Organic & Reduced–risk (IPM) Leaf Lettuce UC Davis
Bill Chaney,
Ken Giles &
Lynn Wunderlich
2000 $21,690 99-0224, PDF (924 kb)
Onions & Garlic Use of Natural Product to Stimulate Sclerotial Germination of Sclerotium cepivorum for the Control of White Rot of Onions & Garlic UC Davis
Michael Davis
00-0215S, PDF (324 kb)
98-0277, PDF (631 kb)
97-0227, PDF (48 kb)
Potatoes Forecasting of Potato Late Blight at Tulelake UC Davis
Ariena van Bruggen
1999 $27,184 98-0272, PDF (967 kb)
Tomatoes, Fresh Augmentative Biological Control Using Transplants California Dept. of Food & Agriculture
Charlie Pickett
98-0264, PDF (87 kb)
97-0221, PDF (833 kb)
96-0258, PDF (146 kb)
Tomatoes, Fresh Evaluation of Reflective & Cover Crop Mulches for Insect, Disease & Weed Control in Fresh Market Tomato Production Systems UC Kearney Agricultural Cent.
Jeff Mitchell
2000 $11,910 99-0222, PDF (55 kb)
Tomatoes, Fresh Field Trials for Combined Use of Ozone Gas & Beneficial Microorganisms as a Preplant Soil Treatment for Tomatoes & Strawberries in Pathogen–infested Soils Soilzone, Inc.
Alan Prior
2000 $22,000 99-0220, PDF (577 kb)
Tomatoes, Fresh Nematode & Weed–suppressive Cover Crops for Sustainable Pest Management UC Riverside
Milton McGiffen
2002 $27,779 01-0201C, PDF (279 kb)
Tomatoes, Processing IPM Reference Field Monitoring (RFM) for Processing Tomatoes & Annual Row Crops Bio–Integral Resource Center
William Olkowski
97-0251, PDF (5.7 mb)
Not available
Tomatoes, Processing Program expansion of IPM Reference Field Monitoring (RFM) for Processing Tomatoes Bio–Integral Resource Center
William Olkowski
1996 $30,000 95-0249, PDF (728 kb)
Vegetables Integrated Management of Soilborne Diseases & Aphid Transmitted Viruses in California Vegetable Crops UC Davis
Charles Summers &
Jim Stapleton (1997)
97-0239, PDF (1.5 mb)
96-0253, PDF (848 kb)
95-0253, PDF (845 kb)
Vegetables Monitoring Noctuid Pests in Row Crops Using Pheromone Traps UC Cooperative Extension, Central Valley Region
Michael Cahn,
Kent Brittan &
Carolyn Pickel
2001 $38,940 00-0192S, PDF (1.6 mb)
Vegetables Pre–irrigation Followed by Cultivation or Flaming to Deplete the Weed Seed Bank Prior to Crop Planting or Emergence University of California
W.T. Lanini &
Steve Fennimore
2002 $30,000 01-0207C, PDF (340 kb)
Vegetables, Leafy Development of an IPM System for the Control of the Pea Leafminer & Aphids in Leafy Vegetables in Coastal California Production Areas UC Cooperative Extension, Monterey
William Chaney
1996 $22,000 Not available
Vegetables, Leafy Postharvest Disinfestation of Horticultural Commodities: Controlled Atmosphere as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide UC Davis
Elizabeth Mitcham
1996 $30,000 Not available

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