CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant:
Extending Knowledge of IPM for Orchard Crops

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Subcontract Principal Investigator: Marshall Johnson, Extension Specialist, Entomology, Kearney Agricultural Center, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Timespan: October 1, 2010 – June 30, 2013

Amount: $134,140

DPR Principal Investigators:

Extending Orchard IPM Knowledge in California Website

Supported through a CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant, a team of scientists and extension agents developed a website to showcase many examples of successful, science-based pest management existing in California where high-risk insecticides have been replaced by lower-risk chemicals and suppression methods (e.g., biological control, mating disruption, cultural methods, and host plant resistance). The website is designed to encourage growers, pest control advisors, researchers, and other users of integrated pest management (IPM) to communicate with each other and the general public about managing pests effectively while promoting environmental sustainability.

The Orchard IPM Website:

  • Hosts 36 interviews of a wide range of people from different professions, all who have in common a strong commitment to IPM.
  • Contains links to IPM research results and economic information, which are important factors when considering the pros and cons of IPM adoption.
  • Serves as a citizen science-based forum where growers can respond to surveys and relate their own experiences with IPM: Currently surveys are available for California growers of peaches, nectarines, walnuts, and cherries.

This project was a collaboration between DPR; University of California, Riverside; Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center [University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources]; and University of California Cooperative Extension.

Orchard IPM Surveys and Results

The intent of the surveys is to allow growers to anonymously record their own views on how well various pest management practices work, and then compare their views to those submitted by other growers. In this fashion, growers’ voices can be heard and their experiences can complement laboratory and field research data to develop more practical science-based pest management tools and analyses.

All Surveys and Results

Individual Surveys and Results
Note: If the result’s links do not display bar graphs and tables of responses to questions, it is because no responses have been submitted to that particular survey at this time. Please return at a future date to see survey responses.

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2013 Growing Season

2012 Growing Season

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