Corrections to 2002 Pesticide Use Reporting Database

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The following 2002 pesticide use record has been identified with an error:

Useno: 441455
County: Monterey
Application date: March 16, 2002
Acres treated: 227 A
MTRS: M21S09E36
Grower ID: 27023904142
Site ID: 20002
Commodity: Carrots
Registration number: 5481-423-AA-34704
Product name: Nemasol 426
Chemical: Metam-sodium
Amount product used: 101,400 GA
Pounds of chemical used: 428,902.4704

Corrections as follows:
Amount product used: 11,400 GA
Pounds of chemical used: 48,219.8044

In any table or graph showing 2002 pesticide use data that has a reference to Monterey County, metam-sodium, or carrots, the pounds of chemical (active ingredient) should be reduced by 380,682.666 pounds.