California Notice 96-1


SUBJECT:   Acceptance of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency          
           "Confidential Statement of Formula"

This is a notice that the Department Of Pesticide Regulation
(DPR) has revised its policy and will begin, immediately,
accepting the federal "Confidential Statement of Formula" (CSF)
in place of registrants completing sections 20 through 29 of the
California Application for Registration of Economic Poison
(Pesticide) form.

This revision of policy allows registrants the option of
attaching the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)
CSF in lieu of completing the items in sections 20 through 29. 
If you select the option of submitting the CSF, it must be the
U.S. EPA revised version of 2-85 or later.  It must be filled 
out completely and accurately.  You should make a note in the
section 20 box to "see attachment" and securely attach the
U.S. EPA CSF.  It is helpful to your Registration Specialist
at DPR to mention your intent in your cover letter.

If you have any questions or wish to comment, you may call 
Regina Sarracino, Ombudsman, at (916) 324-3939, or write to her
at the above address.  


 Original Signed by                       2-14-96
______________________________          ______________  
Barry Cortez, Chief                     Date    
Pesticide Registration Branch