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  California Notice 98-3
  POST UNTIL June 22, 1998

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Pursuant to Articles 8 and 12 (Title 3) of the California Code of Regulations, the Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) notices its decision to initiate a reevaluation of pesticide products. Interested persons may comment on this decision up to and including the date shown on the top-right corner of this notice to the Department of Pesticide Regulation, Pesticide Registration Branch, 1020 N Street, Room 332, Sacramento, California 95814.


DPR commences reevaluation of the following pesticide products without further notice. The products included in this reevaluation are insecticides that contain the active ingredient cyfluthrin.

Brand Name
U.S. EPA Reg. No.

Bayer Corporation Baythroid 2 Emulsifiable Pyrethroid Insecticide 3125-351-AA
  Tempo 20 WP Insecticide in Packets
  Tempo 20 WP Insecticide 3125-380-AA
  Tempo 20 WP Lawn and Ornamental Insecticide in Water Soluble Packets
  Tempo 20 WP Insecticide in Water Soluble Packets 3125-396-AA
  Tempo 20 WP Lawn and Ornamental Insecticide in Water Soluble Packets 3125-396-ZA
  Tempo 20 WP Lawn and Ornamental Insecticide 3125-403-AA
  Tempo 0.1% Dust Insecticide 3125-429-AA
  Laser Flying Insect Killer 3125-440-AA
  Laser Ant & Roach Killer 3125-441-AA
  Laser Flea Killer Spray 3125-442-AA
  Laser Multipurpose Home & Garden Insect Killer 3125-443-AA
  Laser Room Fogger 3125-444-AA
  Laser Ant & Roach Killer II 3125-445-AA
  Laser Liquid Ant & Roach Killer Pump Spray 3125-446-AA
  Tempo 20 WP Golf Course Insecticide 3125-462-AA
  Cutter Gold Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag
  Cylence Pour-On Insecticide 11556-107-AA
  Countdown WP Premise Insecticide 11556-111-AA
  Countdown WP Premise Insecticide in Packets 11556-113-AA
  Tempo 1% Dust Insecticide 3125-485-AA-11556
Micro-Gen Equipment Corp. Pro-Control IV Total Release Fogger
Olympic Horticultural Decathlon 20 WP Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide 3125-430-AA-59807
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. S.C. Johnson Wax Raid Max Fogger
  Raid Max Ant & Roach Killer 121-40-AA-4822
  Raid Max Fogger II 4822-378-AA
  Raid Max Roach & Ant Killer 3125-445-AA-4822
  Raid Max Roach & Ant Killer 4822-449-AA
Whitmire Research Laboratories Whitmire Optem PT 600 499-304-AA
  Prescription Treatment Brand Optem Cyfluthrin Capsule Suspension Formula 499-304-ZA
  Prescription Treatment Brand Duraplex TR Micro Total Release Insecticide 499-405-AA
  Prescription Treatment Brand Cytoc Crack & Crevice Pressurized Residual Formula 1 499-443-AA
  Prescription Treatment Brand Pro-Control Plus Total release Aerosol Insecticide Formula 1 499-462-AA

The pesticide active ingredient cyfluthrin is a non-systemic pyrethroid insecticide registered for use on numerous field, fruit and vegetable crops, including citrus. In addition, DPR registers pesticide products containing cyfluthrin for use on lawns and ornamental plants, animals, and around industrial, institutional, agricultural and household structures.

DPR initiates this reevaluation based on its investigation of a May 1997 outbreak of respiratory irritation reported among orange harvesters exposed to residues of cyfluthrin in Tulare County and other pesticide illness reports related to cyfluthrin. DPR maintains a pesticide illness registry, the Pesticide Illness Surveillance Program (PSIS). From 1990-1995, DPR recorded 108 illness/injury cases related to cyfluthrin into the PSIS database. Of the 108 cases, 15 were related to the agricultural use of cyfluthrin. The remaining 93 cases involved application of the pesticide in and around structures. In May 1997, DPR's Worker Health and Safety Branch conducted two separate inhalation monitoring studies in orange groves. DPR compiled the results of its monitoring study in "Health and Safety Report, HS - 1765." DPR found that several citrus harvesters developed respiratory irritation symptoms while harvesting oranges treated with cyfluthrin. Since dust and pollen appear to be a part of the normal working environment, DPR feels that cyfluthrin applied close to harvest may have led to the respiratory symptoms experienced.

Pursuant to this reevaluation, DPR is asking registrants to submit an inhalation irritation threshold study. Based on the results of the data, mitigation measures may be needed.

For information, please contact Ms. Ann Prichard, Senior Environmental Research Scientist, Pesticide Registration Branch, by E-mail at ( or by telephone at (916) 324-3931.

original signed by Barry Cortez

May 5, 1998

Barry Cortez, Chief
Pesticide Registration Branch
(916) 445-4377


California Environmental Protection Agency