Pesticide Registration Desk Manual

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In an effort to make the activities and business practices of the Pesticide Registration Branch as transparent as possible, the Department of Pesticide Regulation has endeavored to provide access to the materials our staff use when conducting business. We are also attempting to provide links in this manual to as many external resource materials as possible to assist with understanding of the pesticide registration process in California and at the Federal level.

Table of Contents

Download entire manual (less appendices), PDF (4.9 mb)

Chapter 1   Overview, PDF (268 kb)

Chapter 2   General Label Requirements, PDF (578 kb)

Chapter 3   Data Requirements, PDF (723 kb)

Chapter 4   Processing an Application for Registration, PDF (3 mb)

Chapter 5   Special Requirements for Certain Types of Products, PDF (92 kb)

Chapter 6   Label Amendments and Formula Revisions, PDF (489 kb)

Chapter 7   Processing Company Name/Ownership Changes, Product Transfers and Additional Brand Names, PDF (280 kb)

Chapter 8   Regulatory Actions After the Product is Registered, PDF (264 kb)

Chapter 9   Subjects of Interest, PDF (207 kb)


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