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Exposure Assessment Guidelines HS-1612

  • HS-1612, the exposure assessment guidelines are currently under revision and will be posted on final approval.

General Exposure Assessment Policies

  • 1/25/17 HHA Expo Interval Memo, PDF (47 kb) Human Health Assessment Branch policy on the estimation of short-term, intermediate-term, annual and lifetime exposures
  • 12/01/00 HSM-00010, PDF (42 kb) Interim guidance for selecting default inhalation rates for children and adults
  • 04/24/98 HSM-98014, PDF (53 kb) Position Paper: Standard reference values and availability of exposure factors handbook
  • 01/26/96 HSM-96006, PDF (22 kb) Parameters defining insignificant exposure

Dermal Absorption/Pharmacokinetic Policies

  • 7/5/96 HSM-96005, PDF (6 kb) Revised policy on dermal absorption default for pesticides

Handler Exposure Policies and Procedures

  • 09/27/02 HSM-02037, PDF (318 kb) Approximating confidence limits for upper bound and mean exposure estimates from the pesticide handlers exposure database (Phed V1.1) supersedes HSM-01010, PDF (227 kb)
  • 06/19/98 HSM-98001, PDF (54 kb) Canada-United States Trade Agreement (CUSTA) working group, final draft of position paper for issue eight: typical workdays for various crops
  • 06/02/98 HSM-98017, PDF (121 kb) Daily exposure expected for mixing/loading versus from applying/incorporating
  • 04/08/94 HSM-94006, PDF (9 kb) Protection provided by closed mixing/loading system

Reentry Exposure Policies and Procedures

  • 01/02/03 HSM-03001, PDF (242 kb) Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Yolo counties scout profile
  • 01/08/02 HSM-02001, PDF (155 kb) Equations for predicted values and prediction limits for dislodgeable foliar residues
  • 02/04/00 HSM-00011, PDF (65 kb) Worker Health and Safety Branch policy on the statistical analysis for dislodgeable foliar residue data
  • 03/09/99 HSM-99008, PDF (18 kb) Transfer factor for strawberry harvesters
  • 06/08/90 HSM-90001, PDF (54 kb) Dermal transfer factor for cotton scouts

Exposure Assessment Documents

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