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Trip Date: September 8, 1999

1) Met at RIFA Headquarters, Costa Mesa, with the following attendees:

John Blasius, Craig Hanes, David Quimayousie, Basil Ibewiro, Ruben Arias, Brian Cahill, and Marshall Anderson, CDFA-Pest Exclusion

Bob Luna and Tina Bogaert, CDFA PDEP

John Ellis and Nick Nisson, Orange CAC staff

Richard Iizuka and Dennis Vinopal, LA CAC staff

Cathy Neville, San Diego CAC staff

Manuel Gutierrez, DPR-ENF

Dave Kim, Johanna Walters and Roger Sava, DPR-EM/PM

Purpose: Tri weekly CDFA and CAC RIFA project meeting.


a) Pest Exclusion Costa Mesa: Compliance agreements for soil company, landscape installers/yard maintenance, and green waste/recyclers have been finalized. Inspected 70 production nurseries, 76 non-production nurseries and 96 soil contractor sites in August. There are 132 soil contractors now in compliance. RIFA find in a swimming pool excavation, bait was set out and construction has continued.

b) Pest Exclusion Palm Desert have set quarantine boundaries that includes three production nurseries which have all signed the compliance agreements. Will have second meeting with golf course maintenance and nurseries to discuss RIFA compliance protocols. Other meetings with waste haulers and CVAC (some group of government entities) to talk about green waste management and movement. Continuing quarterly nursery baiting.

  1. PDEP Costa Mesa treated 140 acres as of last week, assisted L.A. county treatment with Amdro, treating public access areas, some schools and retail nurseries with positive finds.
  2. LA Co. - one square mile of Azusa under quarantine with three nurseries under compliance, more positive finds in Walnut, La Mirada, and Arcadia including several properties with mature mounds and alates emerging. Planning to do a mass mailing. Most areas have had one treatment except new sites in Arcadia.
  3. Orange Co.- nurseries have been informed of the need to follow protocol. Nurseries who have not used pesticides are now required by the protocol in order to stay in business. Baiting trucks at the border in an effort to save time and aid in detection.
  4. Riverside Co.- no report.
  5. Santa Barbara Co.- Treating one nursery with no positive shipments.
  6. San Diego Co.- Four areas currently being treated and responding as fast as possible to new finds. Have done mass mailing and are trying to get residents to bring in samples. Baiting at all production nurseries.
  7. Fresno Co.- One nursery being treated and checking shipments from nursery.
  8. New PDEP office in Bell.
  9. John Kabashima is working on sugar/water as an indicator of ant population size and on videos for training staff and public outreach.
  10. Pest Exclusion Costa Mesa will start taking soil samples at retailers and landscape contractors to ensure compliance by production nurseries.
  1. DPR EM&PM staff met with Bruce Moore (Environmental Resources, Orange County PFRD) to discuss sample sites, gauging and methods.

3) Next meeting is scheduled for September 29, 1999.



Dkim/Rsava/JWalters 9/10/99