Ground Water Protection Program

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  • Program History
    Ground water protection program mandates and activities.
  • Law: The Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act
    The Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act was enacted in 1985 to prevent the further contamination of ground water used for drinking.
  • Regulations
    Ground water protection regulations adopted by DPR.
  • Ground water sampling
    Ground water sampling data, studies, and reports.
  • Identifying potential pesticide contaminants
    How DPR identifies and samples ground water for pesticides with the potential to contaminate ground water.
  • Identifying and protecting ground water protection areas
    How DPR identifies and protects areas that are vulnerable to ground water contamination from the agricultural use of pesticides.
  • Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act review process
    How DPR reviews agricultural pesticides detected in ground water to determine if use can continue and, if so, under what conditions.
  • Publications
    Analytical methods, study protocols, monitoring and study reports, standard operating procedures, environmental fate reviews, program guidance, and mandated reports.

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