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Research grants develop practices that contribute to an integrated pest management (IPM) system to reduce use of high-risk pesticides and their unanticipated impacts on public health and the environment. These IPM systems may be promoted in the future through DPRís Alliance Grant Program, which emphasizes outreach and implementation. Project proposals are reviewed by the departmentís Pest Management Advisory Committee.

Research Grant Solicitation - 2016/2017

  • The application submission period is now closed. The next grant solicitation notice for 2017/2018 grants is scheduled to be issued in early September 2016.

Projects must contribute to a California IPM system for prevention and management of pests by addressing at least one of the following:

  • Decision-making for pest management
  • Improvement of application technologies
  • Increased cost effectiveness of reduced-risk practices
  • Modeling or meta-analyses to answer important questions related to agricultural field fumigants and IPM adoption

2016/2017 Funding Priority:

This year, the Pest Management Research Grant Program will allocate approximately 55% of its funds to projects that explore using integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce pesticide-related risks associated with agricultural field fumigants. The remaining 45% will be allocated competitively to projects that explore using IPM to reduce risks associated with other high-risk pesticides as well as projects focused on reducing risks associated with fumigants.

Funded Pest Management Research Grants (2013 - present)

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