DPR Regulations

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DPR adopts regulations to carry out laws passed by the California Legislature or the U.S. Congress. These regulations clarify and provide more detail to the laws so it is clear who must do what, how, and by when.

  • Proposed and Recently Adopted Regulations. Proposed regulations have not yet been adopted and made effective. DPR releases a formal notice that provides information on the proposed action and how to send comments.
  • Emergency Regulations are adopted when immediate action is needed to avoid serious harm to the public, health, or safety. They are adopted after a brief comment period and usually remain in effect 180 days.
  • Regulations Under Development - For complex regulations, DPR may have informal discussions with interested people to help develop regulatory documents before they are formally noticed for public comment.

Existing Regulations in the California Code of Regulations (CCR)

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Rulemaking calendars outline regulations expected to be proposed in the coming year and the legislation that authorized them.

How regulations are developed and adopted

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