Unregistered and Misbranded Pesticides and Failure to Pay Mill
Fines and Settlements

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The Product Compliance and Mill Assessment Branch is responsible for ensuring sales of pesticides are in compliance with California laws as they relate to registration, labeling, and pesticide mill assessment fees.

Violations of registration and labeling requirements, or pesticide sales reporting and payment of mill assessment fees are subject to civil prosecution of up to $10,000 per each violation under Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) section 12998, or, in lieu of civil prosecution, a civil administrative penalty of up to $5,000 under FAC section 12999.4. DPR’s policy is to pursue settlement possibilities in cases where we believe the company has not acted in bad faith in committing the violations and has fully cooperated with our investigation in the matter.

The following listings provide cases and fines related to sales of unregistered or misbranded pesticides and failure to pay mill assessment.

2015/16 fiscal year:

  • Third quarter, PDF (47 kb) (January - March 2016)
  • Second quarter, PDF (33 kb) (October - December 2015)
  • First quarter, PDF (27 kb) (July - September 2015)

2014/15 fiscal year:

  • Fourth quarter, PDF (31 kb) (April - June 2015)
  • Third quarter, PDF (33 kb) (January - March 2015)
  • Second quarter, PDF (65 kb) (October - December 2014)
  • First quarter, PDF (64 kb) (July - September 2014)

2013/14 fiscal year:

For previous years, see Archive.

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