Which Pesticides Can I Use on Cannabis in California?

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The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) develops guidelines for the use of pesticides in cannabis cultivation.

What is okay to use?

Cannabis plants in a grow

No pesticide product is federally registered for use on cannabis. There are however, pesticide products that can be legally used on cannabis in California, provided they meet certain criteria.

What is not okay to use?

Cannabis leaf

Pesticides that do not meet the legal pesticide use criteria above cannot be used on cannabis.

What if I have pesticide questions?

Group photo of County Agricultural Commissioners

The county agricultural commissioner (CAC) is responsible for regulating pesticides in your county. You should contact your CAC with pesticide-related questions.

Do I need a license to apply pesticides at my own cultivation?

Qualified Applicator card issued by DPR

Most cannabis growers are not required to become licensed pesticide applicators. However, some exceptions apply.

For information on getting licensed, please contact Scott Thomsen at (916) 603-7793.

Pesticide safety poster for cannabis growers

For more information, please contact:
Rachel Kubiak, Cannabis Program Supervisor
Phone: (916) 445-5010
E-mail: Rachel.Kubiak@cdpr.ca.gov