County Administrative Penalty Actions

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Administrative actions taken by county agricultural commissioners include agricultural and structural civil penalties, suspension or revocation of county registrations, private applicator certificates, and restricted materials permits.

Administrative actions taken in the last two years are available online. However, if administrative actions are needed prior to the dates available online, please contact the CalPEATS Coordinator (see last paragraph below).

If you require additional, specific case details, contact the agricultural commissioner in the county in which the action was taken.

This list represents summary information and is not a legal record of administrative actions. The county in which the action was taken is abbreviated in the case number. The Sections Cited column cites the section(s) of the Food and Agricultural Code or the California Code of Regulations that was violated. You can link to a narrative description, PDF of these code references.

This list is updated quarterly and may not represent the most current information. If there is missing or inaccurate information, or if you have additional questions, please contact the CalPEATS Coordinator, Lisa Calhoun, by e-mail at

Note: The following data file needs to be opened in Excel. First, right click on the link and save the file to your computer. Next, open the saved file in Excel.

County Agricultural Commissioners Administrative Civil Penalties, Excel