Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Standards Compendium

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The Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Standards Compendium is a series of eight manuals that contain pesticide use enforcement directives, interpretations, recommendations, and expectations. The Compendium represents the Pesticide Use Enforcement Program's "standard operating procedures."

The Compendium's eight volumes include:

  1. General Administration of the Pesticide Use Enforcement Program
    • General authority, Regional Office and Enforcement Branch Liaison assignments, Pesticide Regulatory Activities Monthly Report instructions, pesticide use reporting, memorandum of understanding information, county pest control registration, local administration of the licensing program, and general procedures and expectations not specifically covered in other volumes.
  2. Laws and Regulations
    • Current text of pesticide-related laws and regulations, plus, excerpts from Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) Laws and Title 3 Regulations; Business and Professions Code provisions and Title 16 Regulations; Health and Safety Code sections (illness reporting, vector control, etc.); and Labor Code sections.
  3. Restricted Materials and Permitting
    • The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the permit program's EIR functional equivalency, permit issuance process and procedures, DPR "recommended" permit conditions, and permit appeals.
  4. Inspection Procedures
    • Field procedures for pesticide use enforcement inspections, designing a neutral scheme inspection program, and interpretations of laws and regulations.
  5. Investigation Procedures
    • Guidance on planning and conducting pesticide investigations and reporting the findings, preserving evidence, chain of custody, elements of a violation, report writing, and interpreting laws and regulations.
  6. Enforcement Toolbox
    • When completed, Volume 6 will provide guidance on applying the enforcement response regulations, making decisions on violations found during an investigation, and what action to take. Also includes citeable sections, decisions trees, and a glossary.
  7. Hearings Source Book
    • This volume will provide guidance for hearing officers and advocates on how to draft the Notice of Proposed Action, conduct hearings, and adopt final actions.
  8. Guidelines for Interpreting Pesticide Laws, Regulations, and Labeling
    • The eighth volume is a compilation of DPR-approved interpretations of various pesticide laws, regulations, and labeling and is cross-indexed by subject and section number of the law, regulation, or labeling topic addressed.

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