Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Standards Compendium
Volume 3, Restricted Materials and Permitting

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Restricted Materials and Permitting, Volume 3 of the Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Standards Compendium, describes the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the permit program's Environmental Impact Report (EIR) functional equivalency, DPR recommended permit conditions, permit issuance process and procedures, and permit appeals. The contents of this manual supersede guidance in earlier manuals and previous letters to the county agricultural commissioners.



Revisions--Enforcement letters to CACs

  • 43rd Revision – November 2018
  • 42nd Revision – August 2018
  • 41st Revision – December 2017
  • 40th Revision – November 2017
  • 39th Revision – October 2017
  • 38th Revision – February 2017 | Update 2
  • 37th Revision – February 2017

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