Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Standards Compendium
Volume 5, Investigation Procedures

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Investigation Procedures, Volume 5 of the Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Standards Compendium, provides guidance on how to plan and conduct the pesticide investigation and report the findings of the investigation, preserve evidence, chain of custody, and effective report writing. The contents of this manual supersede guidance in earlier manuals and previous letters to the county agricultural commissioners.

Download entire manual, PDF (1.2 mb)


Front Cover, PDF (573, kb)
Replacement Page Instuctions, PDF (144 kb)
Introduction, PDF (14 kb)
Table of Contents, PDF (107 kb)



I, PDF (56 kb) General Information
II, PDF (116 kb) Investigation Objectives and Procedures
III, PDF (143 kb) Evidence Collection
IV, PDF (62 kb) The Investigative Report
V, PDF (35 kb) Disposition of the Episode Investigation Report
VI, PDF (270 kb) Appendices
VII, PDF (152 kb) Associated Forms

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