Planning and Improvement

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As part of an organization-wide effort to incorporate continuous quality improvement into California’s pesticide use enforcement program, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and the County Agricultural Commissioners (CACs) developed a cycle that includes state and local program review, planning, implementation, and evaluation. DPR’s guidance represents a simplified approach in targeting core enforcement program priorities and evaluating the effectiveness of county programs. In turn, county work plans identify state, regional, and local compliance problems, emerging issues, and measurable solutions based on available resources. Jointly developed performance standards are used by DPR to evaluate the effectiveness of the county's enforcement program.

  • DPR operational plan, PDF (92 kb) identifies the responsibilities and resources needed to accomplish Department performance goals each fiscal year, and used as a measure of DPR’s accomplishments.
  • Pesticide use enforcement program planning and evaluation guidance describes DPR’s core pesticide enforcement program elements and priorities carried out by the county agricultural commissioners.
  • Pesticide Regulatory Activities Monthly Report (PRAMR). These monthly reports are compiled annually to provide statistics on statewide and individual county enforcement workload.

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