2015 Bee Aware! Symposium

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California Department of Pesticide Regulation's Bee Aware! Symposium was held Nov. 10, 2015, at the San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner's Office in Stockton. The successful event drew more than a hundred people and a dozen speakers.

Agenda and registration information

The goal of the symposium was to promote the importance of fostering good communication, collaboration, and cooperation among the stakeholders directly involved in the decision making of pesticide use and their application with beekeepers who have managed bees in agricultural settings.

DPR Director Brian Leahy speaks at the Bee Aware pollinator-protection symposium in Stockton on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015.     California Association of Pest Control Advisors Woodland Chapter President Mark Allen discusses the difficulties mite infestations pose for beekeepers.

Speakers at the DPR's Bee Aware symposium.

San Diego Agricultural Commissioner's Office Entomologist R. Tracy Ellis discusses bee regulations in San Diego.     DPR Environmental Scientist Jose Bueno helps register attendees.

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