Produce with Illegal Pesticide Residue Fines and Settlements

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The Enforcement Branch is responsible for ensuring produce is not packed, shipped, or sold with pesticide residue above the established permissible tolerance level.

Companies packing, shipping, or selling produce with illegal pesticide residue are subject to civil prosecution of up to $10,000 per each violation under Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) section 12998, or, in lieu of civil prosecution, a civil administrative penalty of up to $5,000 under FAC section 12999.4. DPR's policy is to pursue settlement possibilities in cases where we believe the company has not acted in bad faith in committing the violations and has fully cooperated with our investigation in the matter.

The following listing provides cases and fines related to produce with illegal pesticide residue:

produce with illegal pesticide residue fines and settlements
Date Company Name Produce Settlement/Fine Amount
02/26/2024 Charles Matoian Enterprises, Inc., dba OK Produce Key Limes, Caribe Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Guavas, Tomatoes, Green Beans, and Limes $33,000
06/26/2019 Marquez Produce   $175,435
10/25/2018 Greenfield Produce Imports Snow Peas $8,000
09/24/2018 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Lychee and Dragon Fruit $8,000
07/20/2017 Yi Bao Produce Group, Inc. Lychee, Longan, Ya pear, Lotus Root, Ginger and Water Chestnut $63,000
05/18/2018 Mexpobaja Tomatillo, Cilantro and Cactus Fruit $14,000
01/23/2017 Gridley Packing, Inc. Kiwi $5,000
11/09/2017 Tarla Distributors, Inc. Xoconostle Cactus Fruit, Cactus Pads $18,000
06/12/2017 Wal-Mart Acorn, Squash, Limes, Cilantro, and Mangos $17,000
04/07/2017 Marquez Produce Gray Squash, Serrano Peppers, Jalepenos, Chayote, Cactus Pads, and Pasilla Peppers $105,000
09/01/2016 Major Kooner Grapes $10,000
06/13/2016 RM Produce Corporation Cactus Pears, Cactus Leaves, Cactus Pads, Jalepeno Peppers, Grey Summer Squash, Serrano Peppers $18,000
02/16/2016 A.J. Produce Imports, Inc. Cactus Pears, Cactus Leaves, Sugar Snap Peas, and Epazote $10,000
02/04/2016 Tarla Distributors, Inc. Cactus Pads and Cactus Fruit $7,000
11/02/2015 Yang Wu International, Inc. dba YW International Arrow Fruit, Dragon Fruit and Litchi Fruit $14,000
07/08/2015 Top Quality Produce, Inc. Longan, Burdock Root, Lychee $10,000
06/22/2015 Yi Bao Produce Group, Inc. and Zhong Bao Food International, Inc. Taro Root, Ginger, Fragrant Pear, and Longan $15,000
05/22/2015 La Sucursal Produce, Inc. Tomatillos, Cactus Pears, Cactus Leaves $12,000
05/12/2015 Primary Export International, Inc. Lychee and Longan $9,000
05/08/2015 V & L Produce, Inc. Purslane, Cactus Leaves, Mexican Squash $6,000
12/01/2014 Marquez Produce Cactus Leaves, Tomatillos, Squash $21,000
05/22/2013 V.L. Farms Strawberries $15,000
05/26/2011 Best Oriental Produce, Inc. Long Beans $10,000
07/23/2010 Cal Fresco, LLC Cactus Leaves $10,000

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