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DPR's 2018 Strategic Plan

DPR is committed to working with other government agencies, communities, advocacy groups, regulated industries, and other interested parties to ensure environmental justice (EJ). To accomplish this, DPR has focused on incorporating EJ in its programs and activities. In 2008, and in 2012, DPR revised its departmental plan to include EJ:

  • Ensure Environmental Justice (Goal 4): “Protect all people in California, regardless of race, age, culture, income, or geographic location, from adverse environmental and health effects of pesticides.” – DPR Strategic Plan

Background information

  • EJ Planning Advisory Group – Agendas, minutes, and recommendations from meetings DPR had in  2006-2007 with an informal advisory EJ advisory group
  • Community Perspectives, PDF (150 kb) – November 2004 summary of programmatic gaps identified by persons attending DPR’s EJ dialogue sessions held earlier in 2004
  • Operational plans guide DPR branches on activities they plan to complete in the coming year, including those that address environmental justice concerns

For content questions, contact:
Martha Sánchez, DPR Environmental Justice Liaison
1001 I Street, P.O. Box 4015
Sacramento, CA 95812-4015
Phone: (916) 323-2677
E-mail: Martha.Sanchez@cdpr.ca.gov