What's in a Registration Number?

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DPR's product/label database contains information on only those products currently or formerly registered in California. The index contains information on approximately 30,000 products. The registration number for all products is in the format listed below where item number 4 is described. To get the best results from this query, enter the firm number and the product number or a portion thereof.

All pesticide products, if properly registered, are identified by a unique number which is required to be located on the front panel of the label. This "registration number" is composed of several components, each of which has a specific meaning. These individual components are separated by a "-". Those products registered in California, have an extra component which identifies individual brand name registrations.

     1            2           3
xxxxxxx - xxxxx - xxxxxxx

1. Firm or Establishment Number - This component identifies the company that is the primary registrant with the USEPA. The number may be as long as seven digits, or as short as 1. California assigns their own unique firm numbers to companies that register products which are not required to be registered by USEPA.

2. Product or Label Number - This five or less digit number is generally assigned sequentially to each company's individual product as it is registered with the USEPA.

3. Distributor or Sub-Registrant's Number - This number identifies any company that is marketing a product owned by another company, generally the primary registrant. This type of registration is called a distributor registration or a sub-registration and is allowed under existing agreement certified by the USEPA. For a product registered in California, this number represents the company that holds the license for pesticide registration within the state.

xxxxxxx - xxxxx - xx - xxxxxxx

4. California Revision Code - California requires companies to register and license individual brand names. The revision code, a sequence of (2) alphabetic letters, creates a unique identifier for each product. A single product may have many brand names registered within the state. Unique revision codes assigned to each one allows for identification of the specific brand name in question. These alphabetic letters may or may not appear on actual product labeling.