California Product/Label Data Tables

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These data tables contain a full set of product information including; product name, registration status (active/canceled), formulation, approval/inactivation dates, registration type, registered use sites, restricted use information, etc. They are structured in an ASCII, fixed width format to enable interested parties to access them using a variety of database and spreadsheet software. Please read the table formats and data dictionary documents for a complete description of the data.

Information on:

The 38 individual tables can be found on DPR's File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. In addition, you can download a zip file containing all 38 tables, ZIP.

The FTP site is being used to facilitate users who wish to set up automatic downloads of the data. New data tables overwrite the existing files, on the FTP site, at approximately 6:30 p.m. PST Mon-Fri.

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