California Code of Regulations (Title 3. Food and Agriculture)
Division 6. Pesticides and Pest Control Operations

Division 6. Pesticides and Pest Control Operations
Chapter 2. Pesticides
Subchapter 1. Pesticide Registration
Article 5. Exemptions

6205. Deodorizer or Cleansing Agent.

A product claimed, represented and intended solely as a deodorizer or deodorant, or as a cleansing agent, is not considered to be a pesticide.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 12781, Food and Agricultural Code.

Reference: Sections 12753 and 12801, Food and Agricultural Code.

6206. Section 18 Exemptions.

The director may apply to the U.S. EPA for a Section 18 exemption, pursuant to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, when he or she determines that a specific public health quarantine or crisis emergency exists that requires the use of an unregistered pesticide and there is no feasible alternative to the exemption. In the case of Section 18 exemptions, the director may waive the data requirements in this subchapter, but shall require the utilization of the best pest control methods and technology available including, but not limited to, pest population monitoring, a determination of treatment thresholds, methods of application to protect human health and the environment, and limitations to mitigate adverse effects to nontarget organisms.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 11456, 12781 and 12824, Food and Agricultural Code.
Reference: Sections 11501 and 12751-13102, Food and Agricultural Code.

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