DPR 16-004 Pesticide Use Near Schoolsites

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DPR 16-004 Pesticide Use Near Schoolsites

DPR proposes to adopt sections 6690, 6691, 6692, and 6693 of Title 3, California Code of Regulations. In summary, the proposed action would require growers to notify public K-12 schools, child day care facilities, and county agricultural commissioners when certain pesticide applications made for the production of an agricultural commodity near a schoolsite are planned in the coming year and also a few days prior to the applications. In addition, certain pesticide applications near these schoolsites will be prohibited at certain times.

Public hearings were held to receive oral or written comments regarding the proposed changes in Oxnard, Tulare, and Salians on November 15, November 16, and December 1, respectively.

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