DPR 18-003 Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Certification

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DPR 18-003 Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Certification (Notice 10/19/18; Comment period closes 12/3/18)

DPR proposes to amend sections 6502 and 6540 of Title 3, California Code of Regulations. The proposed action will amend forms, Aircraft Pilot Pest Control Certificate Application DPR-PML-005 (Rev. 01/18) and Individual License /Certificate Renewal Application DPR-PML-141 (REV. 6/15), incorporated by reference, to make them consistent with the recently amended state law, Food and Agricultural Code (FAC) sections 11901, 11902, 11905, and 11910. Proposed changes to the forms will differentiate Manned and Unmanned Pest Control Aircraft Pilot certificates and add the subcategory of Vector Control Technician. The Individual License/Certificate Renewal Application is also used by pest control advisers, qualified applicators, and dealer designated agents. The proposed action will also update pilot supervision requirements to clarify that manned aircraft apprentice pilots must be supervised by a manned aircraft journeyman pilot and obtain their required apprentice hours operating a manned aircraft in pest control.