DPR 21-001 Citrus/Bee Protection Areas

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DPR 21-001 Citrus/Bee Protection Areas (Notice 4/16/21; Comment period closes 6/2/21)

DPR proposes to amend Title 3, California Code of Regulations sections 6650, 6651, 6652, 6654, 6655, and 6656, and renumber those sections to 6980, 6981, 6982, 6983, 6984, and 6985; and make section 6985 inoperative. This proposed action will update notification procedures for apiary operators who wish to receive advance notification of pesticide applications and for pesticide applicators who intend to apply pesticides labeled toxic to bees. The proposed action will also make the notification service and fees in the counties of Butte, Glenn, and Tehama inoperative. Additionally, this proposed action updates requirements during the citrus bloom period within a citrus/bee protection area.