DPR 21-002 Carbon Monoxide Pest Control Devices

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DPR 21-002 Carbon Monoxide Pest Control Devices (Noticed 7/23/21; Comment period closed 9/8/21)

DPR adopted section 6695 of Title 3, California Code of Regulations, which regulates the use of carbon monoxide pest control devices for control of burrowing rodent pests as directed by Food and Agricultural Code section 14161. These regulations ensure that each person using a carbon monoxide pest control device to perform pest control uses a device bearing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency establishment number; does not use the device inside any structure; uses the device at specified distances away from structures; does not use the device on a burrow known or believed to contain non-target vertebrate animals; and does not use the device for purposes other than to control for burrowing rodent pests. They also require employers of employees performing pest control for hire or for a local government to ensure protective eyewear is worn by employees, keep records of use, and report any adverse effect that occurs from use of the device.