DPR 22-003 Certification and Training

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DPR 22-003 Certification and Training (Notice 6/3/22; Comment period closed 7/19/22; “15-day” comment period 12/2/22-12/19/22 [“15-day” changes posted below])

DPR proposes to adopt Title 3, California Code of Regulations (3 CCR) sections 6509, 6512.1, 6512.2, 6512.3, 6512.4, 6580.1, 6580.2, 6624.5, and 6731; amend sections 6000, 6302, 6404, 6406, 6414, 6428, 6430, 6500, 6502, 6504, 6508, 6510, 6511, 6512, 6513, 6522, 6530, 6531, 6540, 6562, 6564, 6568, 6580, 6582, 6584, 6612, 6622, 6624, 6724, and 6742; and repeal sections 6445.5, 6534, 6536, and 6560. The pesticide regulatory program activities affected by the proposal are those pertaining to the certification of commercial and private pesticide applicators (“certified applicators”), development and submittal of continuing education (CE) courses required for pesticide applicator license or certificate renewal, and supervision of non-certified applicators. In summary, the proposed regulations will align California’s regulations with the revised federal regulations in Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations Part 171 “Certification of Pesticide Applicators” (40 CFR Part 171) that were noticed in the Federal Register Vol. 82, No. 2 on January 4, 2017. The proposed action will improve the competency standards for certified applicators using California restricted materials, which includes federally restricted use pesticides (RUPs), improve certification standards for certified applicators, create additional certification categories for certified applicators, increase protection for noncertified applicators using restricted materials under the direct supervision of a certified applicator through enhanced pesticide safety training and standards for supervision of noncertified applicators, establish a minimum age requirement for certified and noncertified applicators using restricted materials under the direct supervision of a certified applicator, and improve standards for CE courses. In addition, new forms will be incorporated by reference and some forms currently incorporated by reference will be amended to align with the proposed action.