Submitting Comments on Proposed Regulations

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There are two ways to comment on a proposed regulation:

  • By sending written comments to the contact person listed for that rulemaking proposal. Written comments may be sent by postal mail, courier, facsimile, or e-mail.
  • By attending a public hearing (if one is scheduled) and presenting written or oral comments. Oral comments are accepted only at a public hearing, not over the telephone.

For each proposed regulation, DPR will publish a "Notice of Proposed Action." It contains information on how to send comments, including the date the public comment period ends.

Additional comment period

If DPR makes substantive amendments related to the proposed regulations at the end of the 45-day public comment period, the department will open a new 15-day period to allow comment on those changes. DPR will send a new Notice, along with the proposed modified text to individuals who submitted comments during the 45-day comment period or who requested to be notified. The Notice will specify when the 15-day comment period begins and ends, and where to send comments. The Notice and modified text will also be posted on DPR's Web site.

Questions on the content of proposed regulations:

Each Notice of Proposed Action includes contact information for a DPR staff member who can answer informational questions on the content of proposed regulations.

Response to comments

DPR does not send individual responses to commenters or post comments on its Web site. Under state law, public comments are summarized in a document called the Final Statement of Reasons (FSR). DPR submits this document to the State Office of Administrative Law (OAL) as part of the final rulemaking file. The FSR must show that the department has considered each relevant, timely comment. Once DPR has sent its completed rulemaking file to OAL, anyone may request a copy of the FSR from the department. The FSR is also posted on the department's Web site.

Announcement of proposed regulations

DPR has an electronic mailing list of people who have asked to be notified of all proposed regulations. To add your name, go to our electronic mailing list subscription page, scroll to "Notices of Proposed Regulatory Action," click in the "Subscribe" column and follow the instructions.

DPR also maintains a postal mailing list. To be added, call 916-445-4300 or mail a request to: Regulations Coordinator, California Department of Pesticide Regulation, P.O. Box 4015, Sacramento, CA 95812.