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Licensing Program, Information and Support
General Information Contact
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Telephone Number
  • Licensing Program Information and Support (916) 445-4038

License or certificate type
License or Certificate Type Contact
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Telephone Number
  • Pest Control Adviser License
Amber Rousseau (916) 603-7777
  • Qualified Applicator Certificate
  • Qualified Applicator License (916) 445-4038
  • Pest Control Dealer License
  • Pesticide Broker License
  • Pest Control Business License
  • Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business License
Regina Maglia
(alpha: A-D, J-L, R-Z)

Heather Allen
(alpha: E-I, M-Q)

(916) 603-7774

(916) 603-7781
  • Pest Control Aircraft Pilot Certificates
Kenneth King
(916) 603-7772
  • Dealer Designated Agent License
Regina Maglia (916) 603-7774

Other contact information
Other Contact
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Telephone Number
  • Continuing Education Course Approval
Kayla Surprenant (916) 603-7788
  • Study guides and examinations for individual licenses or certificates
  • State certification and training plan
  • Interpretation of license and certification laws and regulations
Alicia Scott (916) 603-7795
  • College contact for Pest Control Adviser course approvals
Scott Thomsen
(916) 603-7793
  • Supervisor (scientific licensing projects)
Alicia Scott (916) 603-7795
  • Acting Program Manager for Licensing and Certification
Alicia Scott (916) 603-7795