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The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) issues licenses and/or certificates to:

  • Persons and businesses that apply or sell pesticides.
  • Pest control dealers and brokers.
  • Persons who advise on agricultural pesticide applications.

It also certifies pesticide applicators who use or supervise the use of restricted pesticides.

(Persons and businesses that conduct structural pest control for hire are licensed not by DPR but by the California Structural Pest Control Board

Only valid DPR licenses and certificates are included in these lists. However, recent changes in license or certificate status may not be reflected. The lists do not constitute legal records of licensing and certification. Please contact us at or call (916) 445-4038 to report any omissions or inaccuracies.

Note: If there are two 'issued or renewed dates,' this indicates a licensee or certificate holder recently added a category to an existing license or certificate. This reflects the effective dates that person may perform pest control work in the specific license or certificate category.

These files are in PDF format and download times may vary with the speed of your connection.

These lists of licenses and certificates are indexed either by the name the individual or business, or by county, based on the address on the license. To find out-of-state and out-of-country individuals and businesses, scroll to the end of the county list.

Abbreviations used for licenses or certificates issued to individuals:
Pest control adviser (PCA), qualified applicator license (QAL), qualified applicator certificate (QAC), apprentice pest control aircraft pilot (APC), journeyman pest control aircraft pilot (JPC), pest control dealer designated agent (DDA).

Abbreviations used for licenses issued to businesses:
Pest control business (PCM), pest control business branch (PCB), maintenance gardener pest control business (MGB), pest control dealer (PDM), pesticide broker (PBM), pesticide broker branch (PBB), pest control dealer branch (PDB).

Data files

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Licenses and certificates, complete list indexed by name of the person licensed, or business license

Individual Or Business
The same list, but limited to individuals issued licenses in past 15 days   The same list, but limited to businesses issued licenses in past 15 days

Licenses and certificates indexed by county

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