Which Certificate Do I Need?

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If I apply pesticides occasionally for my maintenance gardening work, do I still need to be certified?

Maintenance gardener applying general use pesticides

Yes. If you are occasionally applying pesticides as part of a maintenance gardening business, you must have a Qualified Applicator Certificate in category Q (QAC-Q). The QAC-Q allows for the incidental use of general use pesticides. People with only the Maintenance Gardener QAC-Q are not authorized to purchase, use, or supervise the application of restricted materials.

How do I get certified for the QAC-Q?

Application Form

It's easy! Just submit the Qualified Applicator Certificate application, appropriate fees (ranging from $80 to $120), and pass the required examination.

What's next, after I pass the QAC-Q exam?

Stamped mail

DPR will notify you by mail with your exam results. If you pass, you will be sent your QAC-Q card. Once you are certified, you still cannot use pesticides until the maintenance gardener business you own or work for has been licensed by DPR.

What if I need to apply restricted materials?

Maintenance gardener applying a restricted pesticide with a sprayer

The Landscape Maintenance Qualified Applicator Certificate in category B allows you to apply or supervise the application of restricted and general use pesticides.

For more information, please contact:
Licensing and Certification Program
Phone: (916) 445-4038
E-mail: LicenseMail@cdpr.ca.gov