What Else Do I Need to Know as a Maintenance Gardener?

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How can I stay safe while working with pesticides?

Personal protective equipment: Coveralls, boots, hard hat, eyewear, and gloves

Workers who handle pesticides must be trained in the safe use of pesticides. The leaflets below will direct you to information on how to work safely with pesticides, including wearing personal protective equipment, reading labels and what to do in an emergency.

What is IPM?

Pulling weeds by hand

Integrated pest management (IPM) strategies can reduce the use of pesticides that might cause concerns to human health or the environment. IPM includes both preventative measures, such as proper irrigation, and non-chemical methods like hand-pulling weeds.

What should I know about pesticides and protecting waterways?

Irrigation runoff going from sidewalks to the street

The regulations below identify pesticides that have a high potential to contaminate surface water in urban settings and require pest control businesses, including maintenance gardeners who apply these pesticides, to take precautions.

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