College Courses Approved to Meet the PCA Minimum Education Requirements

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The Approved Courses page only includes courses from those colleges that submitted courses to DPR for review. If you attended a college, completed a course, or are planning to take a course that is not listed on the Approved Course page, please email DPR at with the college name, course title, course code number, course curriculum, number of semester/quarter units, and which core category you feel it belongs in. DPR will review the course information and get back to you with a determination or may request additional information.

The courses listed are those that DPR felt best complemented a PCA's typical scope of work and met the requirements of Section 6550 of the California Code of Regulations which describes the PCA minimum education qualifications.

List of Approved PCA Courses

Note: Colleges and courses may be added by DPR if applicable, or courses may be deleted if the curriculum is revised.

For more information, please contact:
Department of Pesticide Regulation's PCA Program