Enforcement Actions

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The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and the county agricultural commissioners take administrative enforcement actions for different types of violations:

  • DPR can revoke or suspend the license of companies and individuals that do pest control work, sell pesticides, or advise on pest control in California.
  • DPR can levy administrative penalties or approve supplemental environmental projects (SEPs) to offset a portion of the civil penalties, on companies and individuals who sell unregistered or misbranded pesticide products, fail to pay required fees on pesticide sales, or pack, ship, or sell produce with illegal pesticide residue.
  • The county agricultural commissioner's office, as the primary county agency who enforces pesticide use laws and regulations, can levy administrative penalties for those violations. They also have the authority to revoke or suspend the registration of companies and individuals who do business in their counties.

DPR can also take civil court enforcement actions through the California Attorney General's Office for any violation of pesticide laws. DPR and commissioners can also refer pesticide use violations for criminal prosecution.

County Enforcement

  • County administrative penalty actions - Administrative actions are taken by county agricultural commissioners and include: agricultural and structural civil penalties, and suspension or revocation of county registrations, private applicator certificates, and restricted materials permits.
  • Decisions on appeal from county administrative actions

DPR Enforcement

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